Trailer for Whoopi Goldberg’s New TV Show Strut Focused around Trans Models

“Strut” is a series from executive producer Whoopi Goldberg about trans models breaking down barriers in the industry. “‘Strut” follows a group of inspiring and resilient trailblazers who are working to change the modeling industry, and the world around them, by simply being true to themselves. These individuals will empower viewers as they live their lives fully and unapologetically, despite facing many obstacles throughout their journey.

Non-Binary and Relationships: What Do I Call You?

Ugla Stefanía writes about Non-Binary relationships in this article from Huffpost Lifestyle.

Most people don’t really have a problem with what name to use when introducing the person they are with. For most people it’s as easily solved as “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”. Seems simple enough, right?

I wish it was. I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes trying to phrase the first sentence of this article in a gender neutral way that doesn’t sound ridiculous. You see, when you don’t identify with the rigid categories “man” or “woman” and all that is associated with that, you will have a problem on your hands.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sweet, cute and adorable gender neutral terms to use for one another; bae, sweetheart, honey, honeybee, pumpkin, pudding – all that jazz. But when you are in a situation where you are actually introducing someone (for example to friends or family) that is non binary and with you it becomes a bit more challenging.

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Meet Grrl Alex, The Gender Non Conforming Trans Woman From Wales

Meet the marvelous gender non conforming Trans Woman, Alex, from Cardiff. Part of the My Genderation ‘Patchwork’ series, with All About Trans.

Trans student outed by Edmonton teachers wins ‘landmark’ privacy ruling

Going to a new school can be tough for any kid. But for Ella Grant, it was a fresh start and a chance to live as a girl. That was until a series of human errors outed the trans student over and over again. has more on the privacy breach and how it’s led to a major milestone for transgender students.


Trans Student

By the time Ella Grant started Grade 8 she was used to being “the weird kid.” She had been on the receiving end of nasty looks and the subject of schoolyard gossip before.

But nothing prepared her to handle the name teachers and students called her numerous times in her first months at her new junior high in 2013: Eliot.

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Bolivia Government Legalizes Trans Name & Gender Changes!

As of August the 1st Trans people in Bolivia over 18 can change their name and gender on all public and private documents. The government signed into law this much needed. gender identity legislation.

“This is democracy. For that reason, I feel happy to be able to sign this law” Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera on Saturday said.

“They will not disappear if we ignore or discriminate against them. What has happened till now is that this group has become visible and has claimed its rights. Today the transsexual and transgender group is enriching Bolivia’s democracy,” Linera said.

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Trans Pride Brighton 2016

On July 23rd 2016 the annual Trans Pride in Brighton took place. This year it was bigger than ever with a total of 4500 people attending to the main event. The Protest march took place along the seafront this year and ended up in Brunswick Square.

The stage made a return this year complete with live music, poetry, speeches and more on the stage,this year the entertainment was hosted by the wonderful Romario Wanliss and Emma Frankland. Music from Tilly Braiance, Taylor Lucas, Ren, Screaming Toenail, the Chemtrails and Squid & the Krakens. Poetry was also provided from Dae Fletcher,  Connor Byrne and Alice Denny.

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