Trans Pride Brighton 2018

Young Trans Girl Speaks with an Older Trans Woman | My Genderation

11 year old trans girl (Poppy) chats with 70 year old trans woman (Josie), and they compare their experiences of being trans. This film was created by trans people (Owl, Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox) about trans issues for a much wider audience.

Transgender Roundtable

Vermont passes groundbreaking law to make all single user public toilets gender neutral

Lawmakers in Vermont have passed a groundbreaking law that requires all single-user public bathrooms to be explicitly gender neutral.

On Friday, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill that now requires all self-contained public bathrooms to be explicitly open to people of any gender. 
This bill will affect toilets in a variety of publicly used buildings, including government buildings, shops, schools and recreational facilities.

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I Love Being Trans Because…

Let trans people self-identify their gender, Corbyn urges May

Jeremy Corbyn has challenged Theresa May to allow people to self-identify as transgender without having to go through medical checks, pledging that Labour would support any government attempt to change the law.

Speaking at a reception on Tuesday night, hosted by Pink News to mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, the Labour leader said the struggle goes on for LGBT rights but there must be a particular effort to advance trans rights.

The prime minister’s deal with the socially conservative DUP means she could struggle to push through reforms to the Gender Recognition Act without opposition backing.

But Corbyn said May would have his support if she scrapped the requirement for trans people to undergo medical tests, and instead allowed them to self-identify their gender, saying legislation could be passed with Labour backing if the Tories and DUP had a free vote.

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European Court Ruling Makes Forced Sterilization of Trans People Illegal

On Thursday, April 6, Europe’s top court ruled that it is against international human rights laws to require trans people to undergo forced sterilisation before receiving gender-affirmed ID documents.

Currently, it’s estimated that 22 European countries require trans people to undergo sterilisation before they can be recognised in their gender-affirmed identities. These countries include Belgium, Greece, the Ukraine and Azerbaijan, to name just a few. Until late in 2016, it was also mandatory for French trans people to be sterilised, and Switzerland still has such a law on its books.

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Trace Lysette Calls Upon Hollywood to Hire Transgender Actors l 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

During her acceptance speech for Outstanding Comedy Series, “Transparent” actress, Trace Lysette calls upon Hollywood to hire actors who have lived experience and not just industry experience.