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Info on Penile Preservation Vaginoplasty

An example of other surgical options: Keeping penis, but also getting a vaginoplasty.

Posted Dec 18
Virtual FFS

This site details the typical differences between men and women’s facial structures and help gives a better understanding of any facial work you may need. For a fee you can also send your pictures to the site’s author and she will alter them to approximate your results post feminine facial surgery. Recommended.

Posted Sep 14
Facial team

Facial Team was founded by Dr. Luis Capitán (Spain) and Dr. Daniel Simon (Brazil), specialists in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, primarily to meet the demand for Feminine Facial Surgery.

Posted Sep 14
GRS Montreal – Dr Brassard

Dr. Brassard is a Canadian SRS surgeon in Montréal Québec. He does both MtF and FtM surgeries. His MtF technique is the standard penile inversion method.

Posted Sep 14
Suporn clinic

Dr Suporn Watanyusakul MD is an aesthetic plastic and reconstructive craniofacial surgeon specializing in the fields of SRS, FFS and Augmentation Mammaplasty (AM) operations, and whose Clinic is in Chonburi, Thailand.

Posted Sep 14