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(US) Universities Promoting Access to Transgender Voice Therapy

The programs listed here have worked to respond to a lack of education on transition related vocal therapy and improve access to those services by including local transgender communities in their training for students. University clinics are generally low cost and able to work with insurance and the uninsured. Different clinics may have options for telehealth as well as both private and group support, and can help trans men, women, and non-binary people prepare their voice for transition with the help of speech therapy students and licensed/experienced supervisors.

Posted Jan 22
US TLDEF Trans Health Project: Providers, insurance, and other resources.

The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Trans Health Project has guides to common insurance problems and policies, and some information on finding trans friendly medical practitioners including directories.

Posted Jan 22
Trans Health UK: Guide to Public and Private Care

This trans-led group provides relatively currently information about both private gender services and NHS GIC wait/status throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted Jan 22
Online blood tests

We do not recommend self medication. We do recognise your right to choose. Self medication is very risky without blood tests. This website has been recommended by an independent third party, however cannot in any way attest to its trustworthiness.

Posted Sep 16
Contradictions between Tylenol (Paracetamol) & Emla (Lidocaine) creams

Talk to your doctor before using prilocaine topical together with acetaminophen. Prilocaine topical can cause a condition called methemoglobinemia that reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood to different organs, and combining the medication with acetaminophen may increase the risk.

Posted Dec 14
UK NHS primary care circular – How to help trans people

This is a direct download link to a document, that should have been circulated to all UK based general practitioners in early 2014. It is guide on how to aid all trans* people, be it early, mid, late or post transition. If your GP feels unsure of how to help you, please download, print and show this document to them. It will help guide them in your care.

Posted Sep 14
National archives – Gender Identity

UK department of health documents relating to gender identity.

Posted Sep 14
NHS Choices

The UK NHS page on gender dysphoria, covering terminology, symptoms and treatment.

Posted Sep 14
Trans Health

Magazine covering health and fitness issues.

Posted Sep 14
World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

Professional organisation devoted to ‘the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders’. Originally named after pioneering physician Harry Benjamin, WPATH produces the ethical guidelines and standards of care for professionals working with patients with gender identity issues.

Posted Sep 14